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Nov. 26th, 2015

Kirishima x Takaba

Was this a real pair? I remember I wrote a story like it once...


Yeah, I know it's been a while, but I find myself coming back here. I think I'll post a lot more of my dark writing on here so that means I'll be cleaning it. I'm also continuing all my finder fics on here as well.....so...yeah....

Dec. 19th, 2014

Finder no Rakuin - Part II (Chapter 1 ?) - Translations

Sorry for the wait!
Translation Credit goes to: Shadow Over the Moon
Cleaning/Proofreading/Editing goes to: Me!
You are free to share with your fellow friends. I don't mind you posting the link or anything in a journal, but please credit us for our work! We've been so busy lately.

Also, I've realized people are asking for this tranlation on manga sites, please refrain from posting this link on any manga sites.

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Dec. 17th, 2014

Finder no Rakuin

Please forgive me for the long wait. End of semester exams just ended so I can finally pick up the translations. 

Nov. 24th, 2014

Finder no Rakuin - Part II (Chapter 1 ?)

Okay, I have the translations for the next part for those of you who have been waiting.
I'll clean them and post them maybe tomorrow!

Nov. 19th, 2014


Hiroaki is an OC I came up with a while ago (a few yeras ago), and now I'm just re-drawing him. Hiro
I've started the coloring process and it looks like bullshit.
I don't think he's in any of my comics....so far. Just wanna draw him out. Other than that...I think I've got written down that he was born in England to a German father and Japanese mother... -_-

Nov. 9th, 2014

It still confuses me...

What have I been up to? Well I'm starting a webcomic and I'm just drawing out some of the characters. So first we have Peter, the human. He's the protagonist of the comic.

Second we have Victor, the Demon.  He is the redhead with blood coming from his mouth. I'm actually trying to stay true to the whole to the tradiotnal demon folklore (well, demons aren't a myth). I'm re-reading the bible and actually lookig up demonology in the Catholic Church.

The final picture is an unfinished one I drew of both of them. I'm stil painting it though.

Peter multiply

calcifer done
dinner wip

Sep. 22nd, 2014

just in case 5

A/N: I edited the second chapter, or I was in the process of editing, and I deleted the chapter. Ugh, I swear sometimes I’m so flopsy headed. So here’s chapter two which was supposed to be chapter three.

Asami gazed at the soiled brat right before undoing the bindings lacing his body. He unhooked the leather belts and tossed them in the bag that still rested on the table beside the bed. After wards, he withdrew a dry cloth and began to lightly rub it against Takaba’s skin until the teen was somewhat clean. The next thing Asami worked on was the vibrator shoved up his pet’s ass.

It was an easy fix, as Asami only had to pull it out, however he mused on keeping the device inside Takaba. It would be something pleasant to wake up too, even if it wasn’t on. He could only imagine the absolute horror stricken expression Takaba would procure. With that in mind, Asami fixed his tie a little bit and hovered in place. He gazed at his prize for a few seconds longer before turning away, a smug smile still planted on his devilish lips.

Asami had accomplished his goal. He'd pillaged the purest soul and he'd stolen the innocence that he'd long craved for. Takaba Akihito, a juvenile with an everlasting spark, once free and willful, now trapped and made obedient. Asami mentally chuckled and headed towards the door. He wondered how much Takaba would be able to take.


Somewhere in the distance, Takaba heard tapping. It was a gentle, rhythmic tapping, occurring second after second. In the midst of the pleasant sound, Takaba forced his sweaty eyelids open. They fluttered a bit as the dim light burned his pupils but eventually, his eyes were focused. Takaba took a deep breath as his bare, sweaty chest heaved up and down. He fiddled his wrists and ankles around as he now realized that he was free. He could move at will, though the red marks on his skin sill burned a little a bit.

The distant tapping became louder and a bit more frequent, prompting Takaba to slowly elevate his aching body. He bit his lip as a dry pain circulated from his abdomen and rear. He found himself propped up against the bed board, breathing heavily. Looking down between his partially extended legs, he saw the large, metal rod bound within his ripped cavity.

He gaped and began to break out into a cold sweat as he placed his shaking hands around the handle of the vibrator. Takaba had never seen one in person, but he'd heard a bit about them from the older kids at his school. From what he remembered, they were supposed to cause 'pleasure'. Takaba was certain this was pain he was feeling, not, pleasure.

It felt as if something was splitting him apart from the inside, and even touching the object sent more tremors of pain through his body. There was dry blood and other liquid coating his inner thighs, stinging his delicate skin. Takaba bit his lip and gripped the handle even tighter. He waited for a few seconds, as the unknown dripping became louder and louder. Bearing his teeth upon his skin even tighter, young Takaba began to pull the device out of his body.

He felt as if his insides were twisting and turning, being turned into mush with every centimeter he pulled the vibrator out. This burning sensation forced its way through his whole body, stabbing him with an immense amount of pain. Just how far...did he force it? He asked himself attempting to fight the tremble that manifested itself into his hands.

Skin began to rip again, the harder Takaba pulled and eventually, new blood started to sting the scars within his void. He whimpered a bit before gripping the handle tighter than before. Mentally counting to ten, Takaba held his breath and quickly pulled the vibrator out of his body. Seconds later, a clear stream of blood followed, causing him even more pain than before.

He wanted to scream, cry or anything. His throbbing head echoed the rhythm of his heart and strangely, as his heart rate increased, that distant tapping did as well. Rhythmically and simultaneously, he heard and felt these sounds as they call merged. They connected like some sort of song, making a beat and producing an unheard tune, an unscripted melody. As Takaba rocked back and forth, suffocating from the pain, he couldn't help but make this strange relation between the objects in his body, and the objects in the distance.

He was a musician in a sense, he played the trumpet. He was so used to tapping out rhythms and humming melodies. So when he heard something strange, like a distant beat, he had to connect it, he had to make it his own symphony. Thinking this way, his pain slowly started to subside. He hummed and hummed, and hummed some more before his heart slowed and his throbbing stopped. The only noise that kept up with his melody was the distant dripping. His own personal metronome.

Drawn to the only sense of familiarity he felt, Takaba found himself slipping out of the bed. Upon making contact with the ground, he fell weak to his knees, unable to stand. Gasping out in momentary pain, he sat there on all fours, breathing heavily. Move, find that noise. And like that, he began to crawl.

He crawled towards the door which was surprisingly open. He pushed it a bit and made way through the opening. He continued on his quest and followed the noise. Eventually, he was brought out into the large hallway which led him to a bathroom. Takaba wasn't surprised to find out that the tub was the source of his tapping noise.

Oddly, the tub was filled warm steaming water, like it was prepared for him. From the ground, Takaba could smell the ointment and oils within the bath. So standing wobbly to his feet, he slowly made way into the large bathtub. He first used the porcelain rim for support and ended up awkwardly swinging one leg into the hot water. He hissed a bit when both legs reached their destination, but eventually, he slowly sunk into the water.

He sighed in relief as his bottom made contact with the base of the tub. He rested his head back as the warm water caressed his damaged skin, and entered every open cavity his body had to offer. This feels so good. He thought as he closed his eyes and began to slowly slip under.

For a few moments, Takaba forgot how dire his current situation was. He simply felt at peace, cascading in the warm water, and listening to the faucet drip. Drip...Drip...Drip....Drip...Four, Four, Two Four, Three Four...One two three, One two three.....

“How does it feel? You seem to be enjoying yourself.” The satire within that deep voice caused Takaba to crack his eyes open. Ahead of him stood the same man from before. The same man that had forced him into this mess. His hair was messy that day, and he lacked a tie and suit jacket. He still had that same insidious air about him.

“What do you want with me?” Takaba tried to sound as threatening as possible, but he could tell he was failing miserably.

“Nothing right now. I'm only checking to see if my pet is enjoying his new accommodations.” The man stepped forward. “I was surprised that you could make it here without any pain medication. You must be throbbing in agony, correct? I'm assuming the bath I've prepared has brought you some relief.”

Takaba only looked away, causing the man to chuckle. “You have a bit more spirit than_”

“Shut up.” Takaba manged. “I...I just want to go home. I told you I'll give you the pictures back. Just let me go home, I won't tell_”

“Do you think this is a game, Takaba?” The man knelt down near the tub and stared directly at Takaba.

“No.” The teen replied. “But...but I think you do.” He scooted back a bit. “I'm not your pet.” A few silent seconds ensued as both just stared at each other. Those harsh golden eyes smothering the soft blue ones. The dripping in the background continued on through their whole stare down.

“You have more fire in you.” The man spoke silently, extending a hand and stroking Takaba's wet cheek. “You were in shock yesterday I assume?”

“Who are you?” Takaba responded, drawing back. “Why are you doing this?”

“I told you yesterday. It's fun.” The man snaked his hand down towards young Takaba's neck and wrapped his fingers around it. Not completely crushing his windpipe, he yanked Takaba towards him. The teen struggled within his captor's grasp, splashing and kicking water out of the tub. Eventually, the golden eyed man released his neck and grabbed his arm, clutching the limb tightly.

“Let me go! You sick bastard! What do you mean it's fun? Kidnapping and raping a fifteen year old is your definition of fun!? People like you are messed up in the head!” Takaba yelped as he struggled.

“I won't disagree with you.” The man spoke lowly, still clutching Takaba's arm. “But I'm a very busy man. Rarely do I have time for treats like this. Treats like you.” He smile and moved closer to Takaba. “You've edged yourself into my personal life and now, you're living it. I'm only giving you what you want.”

With his free hand, Takaba some how found the courage to lift it from the water and slap this man across the face. The sound of skin striking skin was heard throughout the whole bathroom, echoing through the large house. Moments later, Takaba was met by a furious golden glare.

“I...I'm not your treat.” The teen spoke with a shaking voice. “My name is Takaba Akihito, and I'm not just going to let you...let you do as you_” Takaba was silenced when two powerful lips made contact with his. The pressure was removed from his arm, as two hands now clutched on to his cheeks, pulling him close. Takaba found it pointless to struggle. He'd tried to push the man away, but that only caused the kiss to strengthen.

As defiled and shamed as he was, Takaba couldn't avoid that strange feeling that pumped itself through his blood. Aside from his pain, he felt an odd tingling, almost like butterflies in his stomach. He tasted smoke, mint, and something else that made this mans kiss surprisingly enjoyable. He felt that insidious venom forcing itself down his windpipe, clogging his system and making it hard to breathe.

just in case 4

Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Title: Stockholm.

Summary: Fifteen year old Takaba gets more than he bargained for when he's captured by Asami.

A/N: So this was gonna be a oneshot originally, but it would be too long. So it's going to be separated into short drabble like chapters so that I can update frequently and fast. Also, this is a series that consists of three stories. This is the first story.

Warnings/Genre: Underage. Rape. Torture. Abuse. Angst. Romance. Hurt/Comfort. OC's.

Pairings: AsamixTakaba, FeilongxOC

He eyed his new found prize like a predator to prey.

He allowed his golden orbs to soak in that glowing, unblemished skin. Smooth to the touch, purity, youth and innocence riddled every craves of his boy's body. His beautiful curves were easily exposed under the dim lamp, as the low heated light stroked every inch his nudity had to offer. His only imperfections as of present were the tight leather straps restraining him, digging into his skin, and leaving bright red marks. They restricted his movement, and spread his pale limps, allowing his captor to enjoy that view he'd been longing for.

The victim lay motionless on the bed, bound and restrained from any movement. His legs were roughly strapped and pulled apart, revealing his juvenile and unclaimed virginity. Through the opening from his thighs, his captor gazed hungrily at the forcibly spread asshole. Pink flesh rubbed against its spongy walls, twitching uncontrollably. A few inches above, his budding erections began, pouring out warm semen from the tip of his cock. Hot and wet, his shaft began to expand, ejaculating and sweating simultaneously.

Still eying his toy, the captor only smiled. It seemed that the drug was taking the needed affect. In a few minutes, his boy would be ready. He left the room for a brief second and returned with a bag. He rested it on a table that sat near the bed and began to open it, withdrawing its contents. He placed his tools on the flat surface and gazed over his prize one last time.

It brought him solace knowing that he'd be the one to pillage that adolescent body. He'd be the one to rapture the innocence that young Takaba Akihito had. And oh, would he do it slowly and painfully.

Fifteen years old wasn't too young for Asami, in fact, he believed it was the ideal age for the young boy to be taught a lesson. His prize delved into some business that didn't concern him, and it was only fitting that he'd pay the ultimate price. Asami gazed over the stripped body once again and rubbed a hand over that divine, defenseless skin.

He could see the boy's bright blue eyes hardly opened, as the drug began to stir his senses. He gazed at Asami with an indistinguishable expression. His pupils were distorted and unclear, as his lips quivered a bit.

His captor smiled and withdrew his hand. He was almost ready but not quite. Asami wanted Takaba to be perfect when he stole his purity.


Takaba could feel the binds on his wrists and ankles before he saw them.

As he peeled his eyelids open, the blurred image of a dimly lit room came into view. There was a light that hung over him, dangling weakly on its cord. For a second, Takaba was nervous that the light was going to fall on him. However, that fear was quickly diminished when he realized the dire situation he was currently intertwined in. He nearly screamed when he saw and felt his shameful position.

Currently, Takaba lay spread on a large white bed. There were leather binds and belts attached to his body, pulling his limbs in all four directions and applying pressure to sensitive areas. With every small movement he made, his restraints only got tighter and more uncomfortable. Eventually, after squirming around, he decided to give up, feeling the rough edges dig into his skin.

As he rested in absolute silence for mere seconds, a strange feeling manifested itself within the pit of his stomach. Deciding not to move, he only focused as the feeling grew stronger and stronger. Holding his breath, Takaba lifted his head just a few inches from the pillow. He looked down to observe where this sensitivity was coming from. His blue eyes eventually rested on his cock and much to his confusion, he was erect.

Automatically, he began to panic. If the shock hadn't hit him when he woke up, it began to hit him now. His heart began to race, and his blood began to pump faster causing his breaths to grow rapid. He had no idea where he was, and how he had fallen in such a situation. From what he could remember, he and his friends were just spying on a few suited men somewhere in Shinjuku. Takaba had taken a few pictures of what he'd seen with his camera, but that was it. Had he done anything wrong? Taking pictures wasn't wrong, was it? He and his friends were just having a bit of fun, celebrating their first successful semester in high school. He vaguely remembered walking home and being roughly blind sided by either a car or a person. Obviously he'd been captured, but why? He didn't understand what he'd done wrong!

Anxiety raced through his body as he began to shake uncontrollably in his binds. Tears began to form in his eyes and eventually they fell freely down his cheeks. This only prompted him to struggle even more, he didn't care that the binds were practically ripping through his skin. He just had to get out!

Break through! He made an impossible request, as he fought and fought against the thick leather. Don't let it end like this_ The door opened. Takaba froze like a rabbit as large silhouette hovered just outside the threshold. He stood there with his arms crossed, staring at Takaba like he was some type of meal.

The young teenager could feel the insidious air thickening within the room and almost automatically, he knew this man wasn't here to save him, help him, or comfort him. He could practically smell the evil emitting from that heavy shadow.

Feeiling nothing but pure despair, Takaba began to sob, uncontrollably. He didn't know if this man was going to sexually assault him, kill him or both. Something in his mind told him to go with his first option as he was practically displayed like some kind of prostitute or sex slave. Undoubtedly, that brought no comfort to him, and if anything, that made him feel worse.

He couldn't believe this was happening, if it was happening. Maybe it was just a dream, or a nightmare that he was stuck in. After all, he was only fifteen...just a kid! Who would ever truly find joy in doing something like this to a child? Sure, he'd been way too nosy, but after this, he was sure he wouldn't do it again.

Takaba felt his heart constrict when the shadow moved through the threshold and into the dimly lit clearing. There was a smile on this man's angelic face as he peered down at Takaba. His golden eyes observed the youth's canvas like body. He stood still like an artist, ready to paint a picture on his delicate untouched piece. Takaba still felt his own tears stinging his cheeks, as his mouth opened and closed yet not a single word came out.

“So the drug has worn off.” Was the first thing this man said. He ran a large hand through his dark brown locks, moving his bangs from his face temporarily. From what Takaba could see, he was a young gentleman. He had an ironically angelic face with harsh features. His eyes were focused like an eagle's, just waiting to devour its prey. His nose and lips were sculpted like the work of renown architecture, not a mistake in sight. As of now, his hair hung over his face just about. Takaba could tell that he put gel in it. He also wore a nice tailored suit. Mockingly, this man looked kind, almost approachable. One would never assume that he had an insidious nature. Takaba sure hated to be the one to figure that out.

“D...drug?” Takaba had stopped crying just a little bit, but his voice still cracked slightly. “What do you mean?” The man simply chuckled and reached a hand over a table. Takaba in the midst of his surprise hadn't seen it at first, and even now, strapped down and restrained, he couldn't get a clear view of what he was hearing.

“Takaba Akihito.” The man spoke, emerging into somewhat clearer view. “The freshman from the International Academy? You may not remember me.” He spoke, rummaging for something in his pocket. “But that's fine, because after this, I'll make sure you remember me. I'll make sure you never forget me.”

“Wait...” Takaba began to panic again. “Are you...are you one of the men I took a picture of? I'm sorry if I did...I...I didn't mean to! I was just having fun, I promise, I'll give you my camera and_”

“Just having fun?” The man repeated. “That's something we have in common. That urge to have fun. However, unlike you, I hardly allow myself to indulge in any 'fun' activities. I save my fun for special occasions you see. Occasions like...” A soft cloth rested on Takaba's nose, causing his head to feel light. “This.” Seconds later it was removed, only to be followed by a metallic gag forced into his mouth.

He wanted to scream and struggle, but that cloth had done something to his body. His heart began to speed, but his physical actions began to lag. It felt as if he was floating, just dangling in midair by a thread of yarn. In the distance somewhere, he heard a buzzing sound.

Seconds later, a cold, foreign objected parted his numb ass, and without warning, forced itself through his small, unprepared entrance. The feeling of utter pain and ripping skin, was followed by that of a strong, uncomfortable and continuous vibration. It jolted his insides, tearing and bruising the sensitive flesh within his cavity. Somewhere, Takaba heard himself trying to scream, he felt himself trying to fight, but his head was too light for him to do anything. His internal voice shouted and cried for the pain to subside, but only to no avail.

I don't want it to end like this. He thought with stray tears rolling down his eyes. I have so many dreams...so many friends....I don't want to leave everything behind.

“You look cute.” The stoic voice broke through his painful train of thought. Moments later, the gag was pulled from his mouth. “Are you enjoying yourself? Pet?”

Taking a few deep breaths, Takaba surprisingly found a weak yet desperate voice within the pit of his throat. “Please stop.” He silently begged. “Please_”

The vibrator dug deeper into his ass causing him to yelp. “Begging won't do anything for you now, Takaba. You are mine now.” The man breathed. “Get used to this lifestyle.” His voice took a dark turn. “Everything you knew before is gone. You are no longer a part of the life you lived prior to this. I control you, I control your life. Understand that if you want to survive.”

His words were eventually drowned out when the vibrator became to much. His captor was pushing to hard, drawing out blood and other fluids. Takaba felt himself cum for the first time in ages,and that white hot liquid burned his thighs as it poured down and mixed itself with the rusty crimson substance.

Before Takaba knew it, his conscience had left him.

just in case 3

Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Blood seeped through the carpet, permanently staining the white office fabric. The smell of gun powder was still ever present even after the bullet had long wedged through its victim. The triangular cap presently rested on the ground, smoking slightly and covered in blood. Next to it, on the stained carpet lay a body, motionless and bleeding out.

From above, a light dangled, having been shot as well. The bulb buzzed and blinked on and off, on and off. It illuminated the room as much as it could, shining dimly above the soiled floor and the lifeless cadaver.

In the distance, near the door, a man stood. He was dressed nicely, and like always the light glimmered off of his glasses. He had his arm extended, and in his hand he held a shiny black colt, a pistol. The barrel sill sizzled with smoke as the lights continued to blink on and off.

I'm sorry, Asami-sama.” He spoke, though his voice seemed void of any emotion. “You were losing your direction.” Asami, who presently lay motionless on the floor, said nothing. He remained ever silent as his secretary left the room, leaving no trace of his deed behind.

Seconds later, the door to the office closet opened. Peaking from the slightly open crack, Takaba finally stepped out. He, not sure what to think or do, only hovered above the bleeding body. His fingers tapped furiously at each other, as many thoughts clouded his mind.

Is he dead? Should I call the ambulance? Questions arose as he stood there, astonished yet distant. The floor beneath him felt like mush and the air became thick and dense. There was a beam lodged in his throat, clogging his windpipe. He couldn't breathe.

The light still buzzed and clicked, distracting Takaba for mere seconds. He glanced up, still meddling with his fingers. The light flickered. Tears rolled down his face, slightly illuminated. On and off...On and off...It eventually stopped. It still shined, dim, but it was still shining.


Takaba sat in the hospital room as Asami observed his own hands for the first time in weeks. He had woken from his coma, with less of a spark than he had to begin with. There was something different about the way his golden eyes glimmered. They were almost blank, filled with nothing but despair and hopelessness.

From his seat, Takaba clenched his chair. “Asami...” He breathed softly.

I can't feel my legs.” Asami spoke, rather casually. He turned to face Takaba with a blank expression on his face.

Who are you?” His questioned could've been overshadowed by the hospital light overhead. Like the one in the office, this light flickered a bit before resuming its full illumination.

Takaba swallowed deeply.

What?” He replied. Asami simply repeated his question.

The young photographer felt his heart clench. Not only was Asami paralyzed but he was completely oblivious! What was Takaba going to do with him now? How could he even begin to care for someone of Asami's caliber?

He paused as a revelation hit him amidst his grim thoughts.

Perhaps this was all a blessing in disguise. Asami, once strong and feared, was now weak, helpless and vulnerable. He didn't have that power nor influence that hailed him invincible any longer. In other words, he was weak, Takaba was free. The young photographer had every means of escape now. He could easily lie to Asami, claim he was just a nurse or something of the sort. The term lover could easily be forgotten. Takaba could return to his normal, uneventful life.

Who are you?” Asami became somewhat angry, yet his voice remained soft.

Takaba shook his head.

No one. I was just passing by.”


A year later, a light flickered in a similar office, though it wasn't the same one. And yes, there was a dead man, but he presently remained slumped over in his chair. His suit was soiled with blood, pouring onto the white floor. Oddly enough, the suspect stood in the doorway, but by now he had put his gun back in his pocket. He watched the dead man fall over, onto his carpet. Within seconds, it was stained with blood.

Finished. The assassin thought, taking a step out of the room and shutting the door behind him. He ran a hand through his rusty hair before pulling the fire alarm on the wall, as instructed. After that, he vanished down the emergency exit and was never seen in that area again.


Assassin Takaba Akihito returned home that afternoon with a heavy check in his hand. He decided that he'd deposit it the next morning, as of now, he had to make dinner. When he'd arrived in his nice, two story spacious house, he kicked off his shoes and threw his coat on the sofa. It was a sloppy way of organization, but at that moment he was too tired to give a _

And you get on me,” A voice softly cooed. “for leaving my stuff around in such a manner.” Takaba jumped, and quickly turned around. His heart, as it always did, softened when he met those bright and kind golden eyes of his lover. Like always, the older man wore a tired yet caring expression. He presently sat in his wheel chair, though Takaba could tell he'd been up and about, attempting to walk straight again.

Hiroki...” Takaba breathed softly. “You scared me! Why didn't you say anything when I came in? I thought you were upstairs asleep.” He crossed is arms and walked over to the wheel chair. “Don't tell me you walked all the way down here, by yourself.”

Hiroki looked rather guilty. “I was just trying_”

When the assistant leaves, you stay upstairs until I get home.” Takaba ordered. “Stop trying to walk! You're spine is messed up! You will never be able to walk again! Please get that out of your head! I can't believe I have to tell you this every day.” Angrily, the former photographer sat on the sofa. “You already have a bruise on your face from falling down the stairs last week.”

I just don't want to have to make you do everything for me.” Hiroki blinked his golden eyes. Takaba could hear the guilt in his voice.

I love doing everything for you Hiro. If that wasn't the case then I would've left you in the hospital room that day.” Takaba hopped up and rushed over to Hiroki. “Besides, your family is dead. You have no one else but me.” He threw his arms around the older man. “Don't feel guilty. I love taking care of you. I love you.” Hiroki hugged him back and for a while, the two held each other in that position.

Takaba broke the embrace when a small ball of fur rushed past him and jumped on Hirkoki's lap. It was a little white puff ball, a dog. Their dog.

Jaz!” Takaba shouted angrily. “Get off of him! Get off_”

Akihito, it's fine.” Hiroki rubbed the tiny dog.

But...” The younger man sighed and spun around. “Whatever, just make sure she doesn't scratch your face. If she does, push her off! I'm making dinner, I'll be back in a few.”

You seem tense.” Hiroki called, scratching Jaz behind the ear.

The library can be stressful. Can you believe it? Another person quit!”


Even if Hiroki looked like Asami, he was not Asami. Takaba told himself that Asami Ryuichi had died after his trusted friend and secretary had shot him. Hiroki was someone completely different. He had been paralyzed after a car accident, and regretfully his mother and sister, his only other two relatives, had died. Thankfully, Hiroki survived, but he didn't remember anything.

He and Takaba had met when the ex-photographer had tumbled into his room looking for someone. He at the time stated he was simply, 'passing by'. A year later, both Hiroki and Takaba were living under the same roof.

Hiroki couldn't walk that well, yet pushed himself. In his attempts, he would fall and bruise easily. This resulted in Takaba buying an alert dog, named Jazzy, or Jaz for short. Every time Hiroki attempted to walk, Jaz would bark and alert Takaba. Takaba would then proceed to scold Hirkoi with the same lecture as always. “You will never be able to walk again!”. Hiroki was more accepting than Asami and while Takaba missed Asami, he was happy with Hiroki. Things were different now. There was actually love in their relationship, felt between both parties. Takaba, as far as the two had gotten now, wouldn't ask for anything else.

Yet, despite all the happiness and optimism coming his way, Takaba couldn't abandon the past just yet. Becoming a assassin, growing stronger, and stepping out of his comfort zone wasn't just for his own enjoyment. It all had a purpose.

With every CEO, politician, businessman, and blue blood that died by Takaba's hand, he was fighting for a purpose, his own personal achievement. He didn't know how these cold blooded killings would help him reach his goal, but they were the only way he knew how.

For every person that fell beneath his gun, Takaba could practically see Kirishima standing in the doorway, waiting to be next. When that man finally met his demise under Takaba's hand, then the former photographer would be fulfilled. He would be happy and at rest. He and Hiroki could finally live that prefect life. Now worries, no Underworld, and no Kirishima. Just sheer perfection.

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